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: Here's a game that might be more or less interesting than the 15-puzzle: lo.


I've got ninety thousand pounds in my pajamas
I've got fourty thousand Euros in my fridge
I've got lots of lovely Euros
Now the Euro's getting dearer
And my dollar bills would buy the Brooklyn Bridge

: There was one serious bug in the draft code which ate the technology:software category, but I can restore it thanks to my non-data-normalization laziness.

: Here's one for my mother: Scrabble variants that reward a naturally large vocabulary rather than obsessive memorization. (via Kevan)

: NewsBruiser 1.7.0, "Doob Doob A Rama", is out. It's got a lot of stuff, and I finally got serious about documenting the license, so I can in good conscience put up a Freshmeat entry for it.

Silly Song: Delaney's Donkey (Heard on My Music!)


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