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: Sorry for the big build-up; here's stack.

<stack> Man. Its going to be so great.
<leonardr> if there's something they have there that you can't get here, lemme know so i can get you some
<stack> What I want you can't bring home (Pint in a country pub... train ride through english country-side).
<stack> England is beautiful.
<stack> Or... least, can be.
<stack> Tate modern is pretty amazing. Otherwise I always liked the portrait gallery. Its to the side of the national gallery.
<stack> Then if your in london for a w/e, get up early and go to brick lane mkt. Its in old part of london, whitechapel (Jack the Ripper, where marx used live, now its indians and south asians... amazing restaurants... biggest mosque in england)... market is good taste of old england...
<stack> My brother is manager at camden mkt which your sister might drag you too... I worked there for years. Its touristy now... but if she takes you, go to the compendium bookstore there.

Stack's brother is no doubt the celebrated Eamon Stack. I may look him up and say hi.

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