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: Congratulations to Sumana! She'll be performing at the Apollo amateur night. I hope she knows how to play the lyre!

Update: Press coverage, with photo!

Joke from Todd:

Q: What do you call a rite of passage for geeks?
A: A foo mitzvah.

Tonight, on MathNet: Man, that's some serious rain. Fortunately, it only lasted for about three minutes.

Anyway, I've long maintained that there should be a mathematical cop show about Alfred Tarski and Alonzo Church, called "Tarski and Church". My proposal has been met by stony silence by major television networks, or at least by the large statues outside their office buildings, which I took to be the receptionists. However, I'm nothing if not a team player, and I'm willing to sweeten the deal with a lighthearted sitcom, entitled "Everybody Loves Riemann". Who'll take a chance on the pilot?


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