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Reader Response Roundup:

Aaron sends a link to the Dr. Fun comic about Donald Knuth that he mentioned last night.

Joe Mahoney on the Python talk:

How about giving a talk on how you've gone about implementing all the different items on that weblog software checklist. The title could be "Treating Feature-itis with Python"

Also, "Newsbruiser! Who ate all the pies?" works in the theme song [Naturally! -ed.]

Brendan on same:

How about just a talk on maintaining your own open-source software as a one-person team? Plenty of people do it, sure, but not many I've seen have the design consistency or version control of NewsBruiser.

And on bags of holding:

You're right about the lame prohibition, in a way--according to the 3rd ed DMG, living things can be placed in the bag, but suffocate after ten minutes. There wasn't anything in the 2nd ed DMG or Unearthed Arcana, though, so it obviously took a while to think up. Maybe the bag is made of astral elastic, so it's always just the right size for the sum of its contents, and air just gets squished out. Or maybe it's a linked list.
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