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: "I really love this tea. It's a digital tea." -- Prairie Home Companion mocking bobos

: Rrrr! Rrrr!

: Scott says:

Played with Degeneracy at least.[sic] You're evil.

I wonder how long I can coast on Degeneracy?

: Sumana reports that there's a store called "Photo Hutt". "Photo Hutt".

: As Above, the weblog that raved about Guess the Verb! a while back (wow, a lot of links in that phrase), has a thing called the Blog Twinning Project in which people link weblogs they consider similar. The only weblog considered similar to Crummy is Inside Joke, which is amazingly similar to the Crummy of two or three years ago, though less so the Crummy of the present (which makes sense, since the protagonist of Inside Joke seems to be two or three years younger than me).

: Another dispatch from Sumana:

"Olde Tyme Burritos"
"Le Spud"

The mall she's in also has a person in an Easter Bunny costume and apparently kids are supposed to sit on his lap, like Santa Claus. "What do you want for Easter, little boy or girl?" "I want an Army Rangers Commando Barbie!" "Sorry, kid, I only do eggs. Here's your egg." It's as though kids became proportionally more skeptical of the Easter Bunny's existance when confronted with the many documented mall sightings of Santa, and so the Easter Bunny had to launch a PR offensive.

: "Busy old fool! Unruly Sun!"

: Spam: "Sick of losing commissions on your hard to place life cases?"

Am I a lawyer? A stockbroker? An insurance salesman? Doctor? Indian chief?


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