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: DSR: what do you call a person who craves s*x? If you're going to search for it, search for the actual word!

The other day I saw a truck of the "Steven Gould Corporation". They do packaging material, apparently.

Steve Ballmer is Jewish, apparently. I didn't know that!

: For some reason there are a lot of boats in the bay today. I don't know why. Maybe they're dredging for a body?

: Multiple inheritance for Java. Motto: "The net interprets any arbitrary design decision as damage, and routes around it.", or possibly "Information wants to be subject to Nixon's triangle."

: I fixed NewsBruiser searching, and added to the bottom of every page a site-wide search that uses Google. I'm not sure whether or not Google wants a logo or anything on all public-facing forms that use Google. I can't find anything on their site that says they do, and after all, they get to do whatever they want with the search results.

I still haven't fixed the big thing, which is the rather obvious fact that these entries are timestamped EST and I'm on NST.

: Test of timezone fix.

: Test of better time zone system.

: Excellent! NewsBruiser (my local copy; it's not in CVS yet) can now have a timezone set for each notebook. Can't really do anything about the SSI includes at the bottom, without using a timezone-setting wrapper script. Which I will now write.

: OK, that takes care of the script. Funny how little things can annoy you for years and then you take a little time to fix them and they're gone and not annoying you anymore.


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