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: Sorry; there was a problem with the time zone code I added which I couldn't fix for a while.

Jellyfish ahoy! Sumana wants me to talk about the jellyfish. There were seven or eight jellyfish we saw washed up on the beach, in varying stages of dissolving. I'd never seen a dead jellyfish before. I don't know whether these jellyfish beachings are a common occurrence, because I'd only been to that beach before in the evenings. Some of the specimens had organelles visible inside the dome, but none of them had their tentacles.

In my Oceans class I learned that jellyfish decompose very rapidly. Next to one of the jellyfish we discovered some yellowish foam which didn't look like sea foam, and hypothesized that it was decomposed jellyfish.

That is the jellyfish story.

: DSR: dude where's my car slash fanfic

: I took advantage of the new time zone code to change Susanna's diary to post Romanian timestamps. From her latest dispatch:

Susie (in Romanian): Do you know the Hotel TiboTours?
Stupid Lady: I don't speak English.
Susie (still in Romanian): We speak Romanian. Can you tell us where the Hotel is?
Stupid Lady: Sorry, I studied French and Russian.

: There's a new version of gPhoto out. Too bad my camera is dead! Stupid camera!

: Oh, and the other thing: the time zone code remembered about the time change on Sunday, even though I forgot all about it. It says something that I can write code that remembers things better than I do.

: Office scuttlebutt has it that the boats are all fishing for flounder. Apparently it's flounder season. I've been out of the loop on these matters ever since my subscription to Flounder Season: The Quarterly Journal of Whether or Not It's Flounder Season lapsed.

: Novel Ways to Burn the Flag: First in a Series


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