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: So hilarious it sounds fake (from Sumana):

Roeper: And there's this whole "Crouching Yoda, Hidden Dragon" thing that's just...

Ebert: You like the fact that Yoda turns into an action figure now with his light saber?

Roeper: I think that that is a scene [with Yoda] that "Star Wars" fans are going to absolutely love, I loved it.

Ebert: It's totally out of character for him.

Roeper: It's not totally out of character for him! That's part of his skills. He's not just this brilliant philosopher, he's also a Jedi warrior!

Ebert: Listen, if you're Yoda and you have the Force. ...

Roeper: He's a Jedi master.

Ebert: ...If you encompass the Force, you don't need no lightsaber!

Roeper: You do when you're going up against another Jedi dude who's also got super-duper mind powers!

Ebert: You've just got to go like this [makes a mind-reading gesture]. You're Yoda, nobody can stop you.

: DSR/DSC Blowout


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