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: Pete Peterson II Presents Slashdot Ambiguous Headline Watch:

Science: Sewage To Be Turned Into H

Much more email-from-readers goodness coming later today. I keep wishing NYCB had more reader-supplied material in it, like Plurp, but when I have a bevy of reader-supplied material I'm too rushed to edit and comment on it properly.

: Mysterious Search Requests: astronomy may 14 2002 wolfram

: "If Wired says I'm going to be at a party, I better show up." -- Brian

: Andrew Holloway and a co-conspirator recently did some trolling for a DSR mention. He claims he was only trolling for a mention that someone was trolling for a DSR mention, but posession is nine-tenths of the law, and recursion is not the other tenth.

: Recorded a ten-second song on the four-track for a project of Jake's. Veteran NYCB readers have seen the lyrics before, but beyond that it lies shrouded in mystery. Jake, do you want me to wait before putting it up publicly?


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