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: Another reader-submitted Ambiguous Headline, this time from Sumana:

'The Osbournes' will return, Sharon says

Take that, Arafat!

: Jake says to put the song up for everyone, so here it is: Android Assassin From Vega XV, The. (lyrics)

: Pathetic Search Requests:

: Ganjasaurus Rex, the only movie to be IMDB categorized under both "dinosaur" and "cannabis".

: There can be only one... Singleton, that is!

: Another from Andy (as the NYCB style guide now has him) Holloway, a classic Katzdot: Giving Thanks For Perverts. "Where would we be without them?", asks Andy.

: My mother sends the latest addition to the /abominations/ directory (which, now that I've read A Confederacy of Dunces, I realize to be a very Ignatius P. Riley-esque directory name): Why dogs kill their owners.


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