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: That sound you hear is Josh Parson going into conniptions.

: All Heliogabalus, All The Time: Jake swoops in and points out that the Momus entity had a song about Heliogabalus on its latest album. "actually it's the only song i like on the latest momus album", confesses Jake. Catty Jake-o Slams Momus In Beantown Boutique! "I'll Fight For Custody!" Vows Bejeweled Berendes.

: When The UNIX Philosophy Goes Too Far: Second In A Series

ksirtet makes you enter your high score nickname ahead of time so that it can automatically file your scores under that nickname.

: Forward from Sumana, hereby forwarded to my mother: Green Eggs and Lembas

: I wonder if Osama bin Laden ever thinks: "If x, then I win!"


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