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: Spam: "Caution! Use of This Product Will Increase Productivity & Lower Legal Research Costs."

Apparently you can prepend "Caution!" to any arbitrary sentence.

: Caution! In the battle between mindless dreck and totalitarianism, back the dreck. The protagonists of Meteor Garden are also a Taiwanese boy band whose nonthreatening, shaggy-haired charm is giving the Chinese Communist Party fits. Good for them. The best quote:

Some companies play a sly game, lobbying propaganda officials to ban competitors' shows for ideological reasons when the real reason is their popularity.

(found on Brink Lindsey's weblog)

: Oh, I forgot to mention that the other day I got a telemarketer call from CapitalOne. You know, the credit card company that runs those commercials in which people complain about telemarketers--the solution: CapitalOne! Apparently the telemarketers only stop once you buy their product. Or once you demand to be put on the no call list.

: The new guy's not going to last very long.

: Elise on Peter's:

It seems that Leonard and Sumana aren't ordering the correct things at Peter's Cafe. Breakfast is a delightful meal there once you figure out that you must order either the Swedish pancakes, or the Apple Baby German pancake. And they are best eaten at 2 or 3 am.

: What Is This 'Core Competency' Of Which You Speak?: From a spam (how'd you guess?):

Printer Supplies
Brand Name Perfumes

"If it's particulate, we've got it!"


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