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: If only registering your computer with the manufacturer were the same as registering it with a Spread group.

: Nitpick of previous nitpick: is Palpatine from Naboo or from Corsucant? I never figured it out.

Update: Scott writes:

IIRC he was Senator for Naboo, that would suggest he was from Nabo originally.

The Star Wars Databank concurs:


>> Palpatine was the supreme ruler of the most powerful tyrannical
>> regime the galaxy had ever witnessed, yet his roots are
>> extremely humble, traced back to the peaceful world of Naboo.

(which also sadly puts to rest your theory that Lucas might decide that Sidious != Palpatine).

Actually it only proves that Sen. Palpatine == Emperor Palpatine, which I don't see any way around. But Darth Sidious could be someone completely different, who thought he was using Palpatine as a dupe... until Palpatine kicked his ass and took over! See how much more interesting that is?

: Hey, it's good to be here. Did you know that the water in India is so bad ("How bad is it?"), so bad that they have a brand of mineral water called "Florida"? Don't go away--your headliner's coming up next!

: Plausible Ken MacLeod Chapter Titles: First In A Series: The Peace Processor


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