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: Scott, who has no misgivings about doing George Lucas' thinking for free, rewrites Episode III in advance:

Here's a theory...

Jedi Master Sypher Dios(sp?) who we know from Ep2 ordered the clone army leaves the Jedi order (obvious discomfort from Yoda/Windu when claiming he "died") for practicing aspects of the dark side.

Unbeknownst to the Jedi, Sypher Dios is also Darth Sidious, head of the Sith; who's just kicked off that whole trade federation kefaffle on Naboo.

Much earlier, Sidious had a clone of himself made, that clone becomes Palpatine, in order to control the senate.

The clone becomes more powerful than Sidious himself and kills him, taking his place as leader of the Sith (and of the Empire).

This would give the series the interesting property that the three main villains would all have been born through asexual reproduction (Palpatine and Boba Fett through cloning, Anakin Skywalker through cheesy parthenogenesis). However, it's too much to hope for, as it would involve subtlety.


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