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: MoreSensationalistExaminer.com: Ara-spat should be Ara-splat.

: In the manner of Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses, I'm inaugurating Conflations That Bother Me (which could be called the more succinct Disturbing Conflations, except they're not disturbing, just bothering of me, which would make the title itself contain a disturbing conflation, so no. But irony! I said no.)

Today's conflation: "democratic" and "egalitarian"

: Another moment of silence for my uncle Larry Richardson, who died this morning of a heart attack.

: I'll probably be going to Bakersfield this weekend for the funeral.

I'm going to sleep now, but for those wizards among you who stay up late, a my-heart's-not-really-in-it Photo Wire Roundup:


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