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: KQED was running (and probably still is running) little PSAs about Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Pride Month which make it look like "Pride" is a sexual orientation. "Dad, I can't hide this from you any more. I'm pride."

: When The UNIX Philosophy Goes Too Far: Third In A Series:

aardbei is a slightly modified photograph of a strawberry.

: I've purchased about 10 CDs recently from various sources. My current favorite among my acquisitions is Juan Garcia Esquivel's Music From A Sparkling Planet. I thought I enjoyed Esquivel so much because it's like Jake Berendes without computers. Today I realized the other reason I enjoy Esquivel so much: every one of his songs reminds me of the Manahmanah song.

: Rachel is in London!

: Kevin has been turning me into a thermophile, and we've assembled on our shelves at work an array of exotic hot sauces for our burritos. Regular habenero sauce is great but I can't quite handle double hot habenero sauce. This implies that my Scoville tolerance is around 4000. Contrary to what is implied by irresponsible comparisons to the Richter scale, the Scoville scale is not a logarithmic scale but a linear one, measuring capsaicin in parts per million*15. I find capsaicin amazing; it's like a backdoor into your own endocrinological system!

: "Wait a minute, this isn't right! Where am I?"

: In FreeCiv I love to build cross-continental railroads that connect every one of my cities. However, I would be rapidly cured of this habit if these bizarre routes cost me huge amounts of money to maintain, the way Amtrak does.

: Going to Bakersfield tomorrow and staying there for a week. My birthday party is apparently going to be huge: the Poulsons, among others, will be showing up (as will Ellina Poulson's amazing raspberry ganache chocolate cake).

: Leonard the Monster, and his little sister Penny, who likes numbers.


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