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: It's well known that the powers of magic are enhanced by calling it "magick". Magic is based on the principle that words and rituals have power, and so a more complicated word for the principle gives you access to more power. If you can handle it, you can use mhagick or maghick. The most complex variety I know of that's even marginally safe to use is pmhaugshickque. You can put apostrophes in it if you're brave, but that turns it into scary Lovecraftian p'mh'augshi'ck'que, which Man Was Not Meant To Know.

: Zack claims that you do get okonomiyaki instead of pancakes when you're a Nethack samurai. But how do you explain this? And also that the source code never mentions okonomiyaki? But then how do you explain how both Zack and I thought this was the case, even though I'd never heard of okonomiyaki before? The answer is clear: we have been abducted by sinister extraterrestrials from beyond Dimension X and forced to play Future Versions Of Nethack!

[nb. from objnam.c, version 3.4.0; it's possible that okonomiyaki were present in an earlier version and removed, but to my knowledge this would be the first time a non-exploitable feature was ever removed from Nethack:]

STATIC_OVL struct Jitem Japanese_items[] = {
        { SHORT_SWORD, "wakizashi" },
        { BROADSWORD, "ninja-to" },
        { FLAIL, "nunchaku" },
        { GLAIVE, "naginata" },
        { LOCK_PICK, "osaku" },
        { WOODEN_HARP, "koto" },
        { KNIFE, "shito" },
        { PLATE_MAIL, "tanko" },
        { HELMET, "kabuto" },
        { LEATHER_GLOVES, "yugake" },
        { FOOD_RATION, "gunyoki" },
        { POT_BOOZE, "sake" },
        {0, "" }

: More multicultural Nethack: notes on keeping kosher in Nethack.

: Hey, Kris, remember the joke event horizon?


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