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: Thinlet is Torque for GUIs! It's Glade for Java! It's Die Hard meets The Country Bears! I found it from ThinRSS, a Java WebStart RSS reader, which (surprise) I can't get to work (because I can't get Java WebStart to work).

: New from Leonard Nimoy: I Changed My Mind, I'm No Longer Spock

: Joe Barr: Still Cranky

What annoyed me most about the Red Hat installation was reading not one, but three tales explaining how Red Hat came by its name. Did it result from Marc Ewing always wearing a red cap during his college days, or from an affinity he had for his grandfather's red lacrosse hat? On the other hand, is it because of what red has symbolized throughout history? Not that I really care, but it bugs me that Red Hat can't stick with one fable, or lacks the cleverness to poke fun at its myriad tales.

: My belt broke today while I was buckling it. The buckle tore off. This is the fourth day I've had the belt and probably the tenth time I've buckled it.

I know what you're thinking: "What a crappy belt!"

You are correct.

: The Jury Did It is done, but Tonight's Episode continues, and today's Tonight's Episode is one of my favorites.


"It's silly, but I'll sign anyway," she said.

Yeah, that's Berkeley.


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