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[S]omething about his sharp nose and shaved chin seemed to hint that if mysticism, as a lesson, ever came in his way, he might, with the characteristic knack of a true New-Englander, turn even so profitless a thing to some profitable account.

--The Confidence Man, by Herman Melville

: Last night Sumana rented The Truman Show and we watched it together. It's a good concept (I feel like railing against the concept, but it's actually a cool idea, and The Truman Show probably prevented other, worse movies on that idea from being made). It has some good sight gags, which are always welcome. But quite apart from that is the amazing transformation you see in Jim Carrey over the course of the movie, as before your eyes he actually becomes Robin Williams. At the end he bursts free of his chrysalis and, with a twinkle in his eye, steps off into a world of heartwarming family dramedies.


<kmaples> bingo!
<kmaples> that's it!
<leonardr> ??
<kmaples> corporate sponsorship!
<kmaples> verizon provides the connectivity, we fly their flag right below the jolly roger!
<kmaples> we could bring in all sorts of deals and endorsements!
<kmaples> for instance, etch the nike swoop into our canonballs
<kmaples> and instead of saying "fire", we say "just do it"

: Is there an actual Law of Unintended Consequences, or is it just something lame like "there will be unintended consequences"? The answer: both.


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