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: Am I so out of touch with the people that I find it strange that befuddled indifference is the attitude toward GPS of the populace at large? Or is it merely an impression conveyed by the author, so fascinated by GPS that anything less than obsession is seen as wanting? Of course, this is Australia we're talking about, so some national stereotype may come into play. (Joe? How do the Ozzies feel about GPS?)

: Back from the dentist. I was worried about my teeth (this dentist visit was a referendum on my post-braces dental hygiene habits), but they're fine. It helps that I spend all night, every night* cleaning my teeth.

* A slight exaggeration

: Ruben Bolling shamelessly attempts to cash in on Tonight's Episode in "A Death Most Fatal".

: Motto for Perl AI network agent of the future: "The friend you extend".

: Among the most persistent spammers from whom I recieve spam is some organization that likes to put on parties at a club. It may be from the club itself. Their spams have two glaring flaws:

: I think my life will become complete the day Salon uses the phrase "his rock 'n' roll jihad" in an article teaser.

: Interested in assembling a survival kit? (always a good idea) You'll have to go to page 2 of the Google search results, because the first page is entirely composed of metaphorical "survival kits" containing only information, like the HTML Survival Kit and the Tax Season Survival Kit. However, here's a big list (known affectionately as "The Big List") of instructions for actual survival kits from various sources.

: Sumana, watching an elaborate Twix commercial: "I remember when the appeal of Twix was just that you got two candy bars."

: Possibly the two funniest Boxjam's Doodles ever: 1 2. I love the way the artist does storylines.

: I fear that Seth has been kidnapped by DEF CON crax0rs, who are compelling him to put rootkits into the new BBCs. They can do this because they compelled him to answer a question truthfully and they asked him "Will you answer this question 'no' and refuse to stay with us to put rootkits into the new BBCs?"


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