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I Feel Nervous About Making This Joke: You can't hug someone with nuclear arms... but you can with conventional arms!

: Yesterday, from a conversation in which I was explaining One Froggy Evening: (Caution! It's sappy.)

Leonard: Don't you want a singing frog to liven up your life?
Sumana: I have you!

Now With Realistic Screams Of The Damned: Not only is Ben Collins-Sussman a Subversion developer, but he's also world- Chicago-reknowned for creating the din of hell! (But not for this play.)

Irrecoverable Insincere Contemptuous: Acceptance Dissenting Narrate Broadway Bonfire Binomial?:

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: Sorry, the semantics broke. This is what that entry should have said.

Chocolate Penguin Mints: Balm In Gilead Or Sugarless Menace?:

Manoj gave Ed a bunch of tins of the new chocolate-flavored penguin mints.

I happened to be over near Ed Manor, and tried one, and found it pretty disappointing.

The chocolate flavor only lasts for about a quarter of a second, and then you find yourself stuck with this mint in your mouth which decorum demands you finish.

I think I may have gone off penguin mints in general, but Ed agrees that the chocolate ones in particular are pretty lackluster.

Another Release In The Wall: NewsBruiser 1.3.2. Now with kung fu entry title grip!


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