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: Work on the piracy consultantcy gig continues apace. Kevin and I have devised a four-step process called ARRR that will enable your pirate organization to increase booty earnings through piracy best practices.

  1. Acquire weaponry
  2. Research your target
  3. Raid your target
  4. Regroup and divvy up the loot

Imagine striking fear into the hearts of your victims and rivals with "Avast, ye scurvy dogs! Prepare to be boarded in accordance with ARRR, an ISO 9000 certified process!"

If you'd like to find out more, I'll be speaking on ARRR at the forthcoming Congrés International de Piraterie. Or, for a ridiculously large honorarium, I will visit your organization and rehash those four painfully obvious bullet points at great length. It's all part of walktheplank.net's new metapiracy initiative.

Google Rhetorical Device Search: "here there be" -monsters -dragons

: "The Most Virulent Worm in Existence" Just Keeps Going! Great, and now it has a publicist. "The Klez.A worm felt that there was a side to the worm story not being adequately covered by the mainstream media..."

When Personalized Spam Goes Not Far Enough: $USER, Rates go lower. Re-Fi again! !

: now it's COCOTIME. No! It cannot be COCOTIME!

: Happy birthday to Sumana!

: "The owners spare no expense in lavishly publishing their poorly worded press releases on a damn FREE PRESS RELEASE SITE."

The Categorical Imperative: I added to NewsBruiser about 75% of the code neccessary for category support (the 75% that lets you manage and browse a category tree). I still have to add category filing controls to the entry add and edit CGIs.

Here's a screenshot. Note the HTML sparseness that is the hallmark of the Leonard Realism style.

Katzdot: Short History Of Lo-Tech Perverts and The Lo-Tech World


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