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: So, Cory (I can call him Cory because I briefly met him, once, although he immediately forgot me) has released his novel for free download. I feel jealous of him. I put stuff up for free download all the time, and indeed that's my first impulse for everything I write or create, but that's because for me it's a simple choice: put it online, or no one will ever see it. Cory has the option of locking up his work in a book and cackling evilly as people line up to shell out $22.95 for his words of wisdom, yet he magnanimously decides to keep everything online. I doubt I will ever be put to the same test, since none of the stuff I write is good enough to publish. [Stop sulking! You can write! -ed. But not publishable stuff--only IF, weblog entries, and sassy editorial insertions. I resent that! -ed. He never breaks character, folks!]

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