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Woohoo!: My PyCon presentation was accepted!

Brak's Comedy Gold Headline Watch: Microsoft secures delay. Well, at least they managed to secure something! Tip your waitresses!

Crummy Number One Prospect: Has ego-surfing lost its magic? Tired of learning about the lives of registered piano technicians and competitive Magic players with the same name as you? The Department of the Interior has forseen your need, and prepared the Geographic Names Information System for your searching pleasure. Browse a database of geographic and man-made features throughout the US, its territories, and Antarctica. Includes Terraserver links. My favorite ego-feature is the Richardson Glacier in Antarctica, but the Richardson Dam outside Rosebud, Montana is a close second.

: This is the historic first entry posted to NYCB from Jericho. Celebration!

The Dark Side Of Extreme Programming: BrutalSarcasm, ParkingLotTherapy, etc. Good thing I'm not a Time reporter, or I'd already be working on "Vendetta.com: How Programmers Conspire Online To Mock Your Ideas"


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