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: On our way back from Bakersfield (speaking of which: we went to Bakersfield), Sumana and I ate at Colonel Lee's Mongolian BBQ in Mountain View. It wasn't as good as Mongol's BBQ in LA (there weren't sesame rolls, the noodles weren't as good, and there were fewer available types of vegetable), but on the plus side it's only 50 miles away instead of 400. Also, there's a soft serve machine, you get to choose your own sauces rather than being subject to the arbitrary whim of an employee, and it's generally cleaner.

For some reason, the closest Mongolian BBQ I could find to San Francisco is Colonel Lee's. Without knowing anything at all about why this is actually the case, I blame archaic health regulations against communal ingredient choosing and leaving frozen meat out in the open.

There's also a nice used-bookstore-that-tries-to-look-like-a-new-bookstore right across the street from Colonel Lee's.

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