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: An Intraspect employee, who I make the unwarranted assumption wants to remain anonymous, writes in with "A slightly edited version of what's going around here..."

In light of industry-wide budget decreases: I.T. RENTS A PC

did you know we used to have the Intraspect VW Bug?: CAR? SPENT IT

Walking by some (nameless) colleagues' cubicles: A SCENT TRIP

on reviving the company: IN A CPR TEST

is this ?: PC NITE TSAR

on <married couples at work>: PART INCEST (oops, I meant "NICEST PART")

our spam problem: SEPTIC RANT

just because I liked these combos: PAST CRETIN, SPIT NECTAR

what you were hoping I wouldn't do when dressed as a Brownie: ENACT, STRIP

<employee>'s new "night club": TITS EN CRAP (sorry, but how could I not use it?)

and, finally, on the state of our sign: IN PARTS, ETC.

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