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: Sean Neakums tries to confuse me with fancy talk about cameras and steep drops:

I have a feeling that the cause is that your camera has a very wide depth of field. If the stuff beyond the drop were out of focus, and the precipice itself in focus, then the precarioutiveness might thus be captured.

We're simple folk 'round these parts. We just point and shoot. Sometimes we zoom.

: I don't think I mentioned before that Jason Robbins left CollabNet to go back to teaching at UC Irvine. We were all very saddened by this development, and to get through the grieving process we (mainly stack) turned Jason's desk into a shrine. It had various Jason paraphenalia like the bag of potato chips he never opened, some notes for a presentation, etc. It lasted about two days.

Some call Jason the patron saint of UML users. I think that rather than being the patron saint of any particular thing, he should be canonized as the PatronSaint design pattern itself.

: Incidentally, the best image gallery program is Curator. It's in Python and it has no dependencies but ImageMagick. It doesn't do exactly what I want, but it's past the critical point where it's easier to hack it than to write my own script. Eventually my picture galleries will be driven by Curator, but other stuff takes precedence (like getting up the England pictures).

: I put up 51 miscellaneous pictures from England. I've got 550 more to put up. This set contains both my favorite London picture ever and the most stereotypical London picture ever. It also has my completely unsuccessful attempt at recreating from memory the cover of the Dover edition of The Ball and the Cross.


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