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Cornbread!: It's well known that cornbread is the greatest thing ever. But exactly what makes it so great has eluded mankind for ages. Now, I believe I have the answer: it's corn, but it's also bread. I'm not sure why this trivial answer has eluded mankind for ages, but that's mankind for you.

: More Salam Pax. "Some idiots started firing their Kalashnikovs and guns and made my paranoid aunt totally believe that the American troops are in the street."

Tonight's Episodes: Tonight's Enterprise should have been called "Continuity Must Die!". And West Wing I didn't care about much. There's only so many times they can play the "this time, it's one of their own" card before it gets old. It's always one of their own. I wouldn't be one of their own if you paid me.

: From Russia, that land of enchantmentinfringement, comes Screenplays For You, a site with... a bunch of movie screenplays. No longer need you do a Google search on a remembered phrase to find a copy of a screenplay. Includes "From Dusk Til Down" [imdb: typo], and a new Charlie Kaufman project called Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which sounds like the title of a North Korean propaganda flick.

Update: Josh sent me a screenplay site in the good old U.S. of A.

One Last Thing Before I Quit: The Eater is at 1.3. Includes caching; better knowledge about what should be proxied; and three new eaters, including the obsessive-compulsive sort-the-letters-in-each-word eater, and a spooky new get-rid-of-all-content eater. I think I'm done with this for a while.


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