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: I had a blast at Seth's party. Among other things, I got one of the new BBCs (check out the new BBC logo!), and I met Riana. Riana, Seth, and I told lots of pirate jokes. Here are three of Seth's:

Q: Where do they keep the pirate Constitution?
A: In the National Arrrrchives.
Q: How do they protect the pirate Constitution from deterioration?
A: Arrrrgon.
Q: What's a pirate's favorite web portal?
A: Yoho!.

And two of mine:

Q: What was an evolutionary precursor to the modern pirate?
A: yo-ho-homo erectus.
Q: What is a pirate's favorite physical constant?
A: Plank's Constant.

(Apparently I can't remember any of Riana's pirate jokes.)

Also, when I came in, Zack mistook me for Cory Doctorow. Cory did not show up, leaving the nagging question in the back of my mind: could I have succesfully impersonated Cory Doctorow for the duration of the party? Maybe there's a story on the possibility.

I showed Seth and Nick Moffitt my new game, and they laughed uproariously. Hopefully I'll finish the game tomorrow, and then you too can laugh uproariously or not get it.

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