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The Fizzland Station: There's a new drink in town: Leninade. On the scale of tastelessness it's somewhere between the Mozilla iconography (pretty harmless) and the "Uncle Saddam" DVD Sumana linked to (eeeeeh...). As part of my "buy weird soda" policy I bought a couple copies of it at Beverages 'n' More! (motto: "Beverages... 'n' More!"). I have not tasted it yet, but I'll let you know how it is. The soda is red, of course, and the label is covered with slogans in Russian and English ("Lenin drank, Lenin drinks, Lenin will drink," according to Sumana.) My favorite slogan, which both makes me laugh and feel bad for laughing, is "Our five-year plan: drink a bottle a day to be a hero of Socialist flavor!" With socialized dentistry, is no problem!

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