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The Medi-Yorker Returns!: Long has this Crummy mini-feature slumbered. But at last, I have come up with another incredible simulation of a mediocre New Yorker cartoon.

The scene: a restaurant... on the moon! Inside, a waiter hovers with pad in hand over a customer, who looks up from his menu and says:

"The lobster... is it fresh?"

Thank you.

: As has been recorded, I talked to Brendan last night. We talked about avocados, and proposed starting a band called "Underwater Avocado". The band would produce a song also called "Underwater Avocado". The cell phone battery died before we could complete the lyrics, but here's what I was thinking:

Underwater avocado, yeah, yeah
Underwater avocado, bleah, bleah

Could be the big hit of the summer, assuming we could somehow declare it the big hit of the summer by fiat.


Today's Accomplishment: I found and suggested the fix for a big performance problem in Torque.

Hi. I've got Internet access at home now.

Leonard's Roadside America: My favorite sign I saw on the driving trip to Utah was a sign seen when coming into Los Vegas that said "You will always remember Lance Burton, Master Magician." It's like someone named a Nethack incubus "Lance Burton, Master Magician".


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