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Sumana LaForge: Pictures from the Salon retreat; Sumana says "I'm the one who looks like Geordi."

Speaking of which, keep those fanboy Star Trek rebuttals coming so I can keep justifying the delay in posting them.

Also speaking of which, if you're a cheapskate you can get your Salon Premium subscription for only $23 instead of $35. You see, when you subscribe you can sign up for a free subscription to Wired. Wired then gives you a chance to revoke your subscription and get a $12 refund. You could probably also do this with the other magazine subscriptions as well, which would mean your Salon viewing was completely subsidized by other companies... wait, that's what most people already have.

Away Put Your Weapon: I mean you no harm. I just want to link to this game site review of robotfindskitten. (from Pete Peterson II)


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