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: Aaron Swap Swartz writes:

Because this scrambling letters except for the first and last thing seems to be all the rage on the blogs, I thought I'd write a EoM add-on.
And so he has. Thanks, Aaron. The Eater Of Meaning: your trivial text transformation testbed!

Truth In Advertising: My coworker Dan Rall has found a mechanic that offers "Some Day Service".

Dada Nancy: Brendan brought to my attention that Scott McCloud, possibly the only cartoonist to be lampooned in a Tonight's Episode (what, you're going to check?), has in an act of preemptive revenge gone back in time and ripped off Dada Pokey with Five Card Nancy. A non-Scott McCloud person implemented a nice CGI that lets you build a never-ending Nancy strip by selecting from randomly-presented panels. This would be a really good mode for Dada Pokey.

I keep going to the Five Card Nancy CGI, building some stuff, then getting bored and quitting. It's like a game of FreeCiv, but much quicker. Here are my best ones so far: Short attention span Nancy, hyperactive Nancy.

: 40 pictures from Utah. The ones from the trilobite hunt got corrupted, unfortunately. Mom, would you send me any of yours that you've scanned (esp. the one w/me and the shark)? As always, my favorites follow in a list.


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