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Leo: I'm looking at Leo, an outline editor written in Python and Tk which is supposed to help you do literate programming. I saw people being fanatics about it on some wiki, and since for a while I've been looking for an outline editor I figured I'd give it a try. I'm using it to organize things like my to-do list and my start page. Time will tell whether it's useful for mantaining documents, but it looks like it will be: I imported a NewsBruiser code file and got a very coherent view of the code.

At the very least, Leo is the outline editor I've been looking for, and I can pretend to be one of those people, like Joseph Allen, who uses an editor named after them. At most, I will become one of those people who is a fanatic about Leo on wikis.

Note: I had to recompile Python to get Leo to work, because my preinstalled Python defined Py_UNICODE as wchar_t even though wchar_t on my system is 32 bits, in direct contradiction to what The Python/C API Reference Manual says. I mean, geez.

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