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: NewsBruiser 1.11.0, "Weasels Bruised My News", is out. It's got a million ways of importing entries: any version of RSS, email, or directly from Manila or Blogger. It also runs on Windows, and has the fun random entry functionality. To do all the importers, I ended up using two pieces of code each from Mark Pilgrim and Fredrik Lundh.

"To see the snowman is to dislike the snowman.": Roger Ebert is at his cranky best in his 1998 review of "Jack Frost". This is, I must stress, not the 1997 film called "Jack Frost", which makes me think that there must have been some experiment to keep making movies called "Jack Frost" just to see what would get a rise out of Roger Ebert.

The 1997 "Jack Frost" has had a sequel made of it; I don't know how that fits into the experiment hypothesis. Stomp Tokyo review (I should check Stomp Tokyo more often.)


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