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: No entries yesterday (A gap! A gap in the calendar!), because I got up late, spent the whole day in meetings, then went with Sumana to a party at Taska's house (hmm, another placeholder page for my 'Co-workers past and present' links.shtml selection). I saw Taska again, which was great. I also caught up with Pete Peterson II (the real reason for my attending; he leaves tomorrow) and the newly-wed Nick Moffit, met Sean Neakums, etc. etc. etc. I met Mike non-Popovic, who works for Danger; and Jonathan, who uses a Sourcecast-hosted site, so at the party I represented both the demand and supply chain. I'm leaving out so much stuff and so many people it's not even funny. It was a lot of fun and I'll likely attend in the future (it's every Monday night). But the upshot is that at no point yesterday did I write any NYCB (or, indeed, much of anything).

: Hilarious (If you are a Mormon or ex-Mormon)! My aunt Anne's filk of "If You Could Hie To Kolob", "If You Could Hie To CollabNet".


Cracklib Rosie, get on board...

: Three choice pictures from last night:

  1. The mysterious Sean Neakums
  2. Me and Pete Peterson II showing off our hopelessly out-of-date driver's licenses.
  3. The game of Settlers of Catan

Anecdote: during the game of Settlers, Pete got a harbor that gave him two-for-one trades for sheep. The conceit throughout the game was that this was not a harbor for trading sheep for other things, but an offshore sheep rendering plant which produced sheep-fat brick, wooly wood, sheepwheat, and decidedly inferior sheepbone ore.


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