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: Hey, what is swallow's nest? Is it the actual nest of a swallow? It doesn't look like any kind of nest. I tried the web and the web was useless. I looked at the big impulse-buy book of cooking terms they keep near the register in cooking supply stores, and it wasn't listed. So I'm asking you, what's up with swallow's nest?

As long as we're talking about odd food: the Roman emperors used to eat eg. fried flamingo tongues, and Romans of all classes enjoyed their lamprey. Special question for classicists: what's the source for the spine-chilling tale of Augustus' lamprey-keeping friend? (In old days, they would probably leave such gruesome passages untranslated, but nowadays we can just hide the gory details behind a link.)

Four Turtles In Two: Remember the two-headed tortoise? Well, there's a two-headed turtle right here in the Bay Area. The pet store in the Serramonte Center in Colma has a two-headed turtle in a tank, along with a pair of Siamese-twin turtles. You can go in and gawk, and not pay a red cent. Pretty cool; there are also single-headed turtles, iguanas, guinea pigs etc., as in other pet stores.


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