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Public Service Announcement: Also, please do not eat swallow's nest. If you must be ostentatious and wealthy, put gold dust in your coffee, like in Cryptonomicon. If you must make use of an ineffective aphrodisiac, I hardly need remind you that teens gone crazy for XXX sex await the man who avails himself of NEW! GENERIC *Vi@*gra* !!

He Was Asking For It:

<lucas> brian: how was FOO camp ?
<brian> FOO-tastic!
<lucas> doh

Hot Topic: I made NewsBruiser capable of talking to the Internet Topic Exchange. Why? Because it's cool. I'm not sure whether ITE etiquette allows me to do my idea for a fully-automatic mapping, where you just turn it on and every NewsBruiser category gets munged to the name of an ITE topic, cluttering the ITE with weird topics like "whale", "mike_popovic", and "shipping_containers" (as opposed to the current, oh-so-orderly list of topics). So right now you have to make a manual mapping between a specific NewsBruiser category and a specific ITE topic. It works, though, and I got a new library out of it.

Sumana: Is this a semantic web thing?
Leonard: Nooo...
Sumana: You know I can tell when you do something with the semantic web.
Leonard: Yes, dear.

"[T]he living have priority over the dead when it comes to picking up darts.": Patrol, the MIT-developed first-person shooter with an unbeatable framerate. Other good quote: the preemptive strike against rules lawyers: "All Gamemaster's decisions are final even if they contradict the letter of the rules." (from cl)


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