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Do not be alarmed--it is traditional rioting.: Kevin has a longstanding yet irrational fear that the final act of the HBO drama of his life will begin when he goes to Bolivia and is caught in a Cryptonomicon-style luggage sa-bo-tage. These people are not in as much trouble as Kevin will be in his hour of need, but I'll link to anything that makes him apprehensive. They're taking it pretty well, all things considered:

"Bolivia is one of the last strongholds of indigenous values," Reimuller said. "It needs to be preserved in our world."

leonardr@segfault.org, You Heartbreaker!: I was going to use this spam subject as a Crummy title like webmaster@crummy.com,tonight is going to be our night, but I just got two more spams in the same vein. I envision a spam program pining with unrequited love for an email address too aloof to respond, too uncaring to even click on the unsubscribe link.

Crocodile Muncher: You know how movies are sometimes prefaced with the names of their control-freak auteurs, eg. "Wes Craven's New Nightmare" and "Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure"? Well, the practice has now spread to recipes, although presumably the motivations behind it are different. Exhibit A: Kim William's Crocodile Cake, guaranteed to have your young birthday party guests quarrelling over who gets the eyes. For some reason this fearsome reptilian cake is baked in a "Huggable Teddy Bear Pan". I still prefer the red armadillo roadkill cake, but maybe the two cakes could duke it out somehow in a ghastly food fight to the death, and I could use that as a basis for my preference.


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