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Cave closing soon. All adventurers exit immediately through Main Office.: Send in your last-minute Tonight's Episodes, because it's time for it to go. Unless I get some good-quality contributed entries, next week will be Jason's mixed-metaphor series "Tonight's Episode Buys the Farm", and that will be the end of that. All things must pass, as TE has already given us many opportunities to learn. The past is dust, and the future but smart nanodust. So if you've been saving up your TEs, send them to me now.

: From Sumana, a nice-sounding hot sauce reviewed by a man who understands the decision procedure.

Also present: a few recipes, including one for potstickers ("When I overcook them, I usually announce to my wife that I have prepared them 'authentically', thus leading to our often using the word 'authentic' to mean 'screwed up'.").


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