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[Comments] (1) Monopoly Memewatch: Inspired by Kevan's "Giant Monster Monopoly" find, more of which anon: "go directly to" "do not pass" -jail

: I still don't know what the set of all primes is into, but there are sets of primes which do bizarre things usually only associated with the declining years of the Weimar Republic. (thank you, cl)

[Comments] (1) Unintended Consequences: When I added a NewsBruiser statistics gatherer that counts which words you use most frequently in your weblog entries, I did not envision this.

[Comments] (22) It Lives!: NewsBruiser now has a rudimentary comment system with Bayesian spam filtering. Go ahead and try it out; if you break it I'll fix it. You know what this means: I need another icon. A speech bubble? A burst of flame? Well, I could probably draw a speech bubble myself.


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