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[Comments] (5) Then, Her Sari Flaps In The Wind!: I've been reading articles about how Bollywood is stuck in a formulaic rut and not making money, so I'm writing a spec script guaranteed to inject new blood into the industry. It's about a plucky singing-and-dancing cricket team, lead by a boisterous Sikh who falls in love with a mysterious village girl. They defeat the Pakistanis[0] and the British to win the World Cup. Then, there are dinosaurs. I haven't worked out all the details yet.

[0] The test match against Pakistan is a separate one-hour chunk which can be deleted from the Pakistan release of the film.


Posted by Sumana at Tue Oct 21 2003 13:51

Obviously the village girl is a dinosaur.

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Tue Oct 21 2003 14:10

The dinosaur lost his sight as a child caught in a botched murder of vengeance, but had his eyes replaced by those of his friend who died in that murder. Now he wears sunglasses as a symbol of his life's work: to shatter the city's crime wave using only flying leg-grabs.

Posted by Peter A. Peterson II at Tue Oct 21 2003 15:22

I read the comments for this entry before I read the entry, that's how much I like this whole comments thing! Yow!

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Tue Oct 21 2003 16:32

You're all Elephants! I know it!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Posted by Joe Mahoney at Wed Oct 22 2003 17:21

The India/Pakistan section may not need to be cut -

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