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[Comments] (3) I'd Never Seen A Purple Frog: Sumana gave me a page from Smithsonian which has eight African frogs on it. I hung it up on my cube wall by my National Park Service flyer from the Lincoln Memorial. One of the frogs looks really weird, squat like a toad and a small head that makes it look like a turtle just coming out of its shell. Well, that frog was just staring at me and being mysterious until today, when I found out about a similar-looking but purple frog discovered in India. Now it still stares at me, but it's only half as mysterious as previously.

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Posted by Andy H. at Tue Oct 21 2003 18:58

Oh, this is where the comments entry form is. (I wasn't really looking, before.) I like the combination of categories for this entry, because it's misleading. That's what I like in this entry (although I also like frogs). What I like in comment systems is when they have a 'preview' option. What do you think about that?

Posted by Andy H. at Tue Oct 21 2003 19:00

Hmm, now I remember that there's trouble with linebreaks. That was slightly less manic-looking when I wrote it.

Posted by Seth Schoen at Tue Oct 21 2003 20:16

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It's hard on PGP signatures, too.
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