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[Comments] (5) One Side Of The Paper, Please: Many new comment features now in place, including a goofy-looking icon I drew and does-what-you-want newline handling. I also made up a really simple XML representation of Bayesian classifications and made Newsbruiser export to it. I call it Cheatsheet, and I hope others will use it so that people can, eg. share a Bayesian spam corpus between NewsBruiser and SpamAssassin. If something like this already exists, let me know and I'll kill Cheatsheet.

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Posted by Sumana at Wed Oct 22 2003 11:27

It is possible to choose whether to allow comments on an entry-by-entry basis, right?

Posted by Leonard at Wed Oct 22 2003 11:31

No, but I could add that. I never understood why someone would do that. What usage are you thinking of?

Posted by Brendan at Wed Oct 22 2003 11:35

Sometimes, people with weblogs post entries filled with angst, and sometimes (more rarely), those people don't particularly want to have their friends soothe meaninglessly at them. Which is what comments are, pretty often, when you have a LiveJournal.

Posted by Anonymous at Wed Oct 22 2003 12:12

I only want comments for certain entries where I was asking the Lazyweb for advice or information or to collaboratively joke with me. I don't want a million little conversations that I can't control. My weblog is my show.

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