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[Comments] (8) <mystery>: A mystery begins now. Details later.

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Posted by pedro at Wed Oct 22 2003 10:56

The Butler did it. And by Butler, I mean Butler University.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Oct 22 2003 11:15

Sorry, pedro, I fixed that bug early this morning but forgot to update Crummy's working copy.

Posted by pedro at Wed Oct 22 2003 12:42

Haha, no problem. I'm sorry for spilling my ASCII all over your spiffy NYCB.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Oct 23 2003 03:11

"Oooh! I just love a good intrigue!!"

Posted by Dar Williams at Thu Oct 23 2003 18:35

I don't want to be

Another mystery

Posted by Seth Schoen at Fri Oct 24 2003 02:51

Oh no!

Posted by Resolution at Wed Oct 29 2003 16:22

http://www.crummy.com/2003/10/29/1 is the resolution to this post.

Just for continuity's sake.

Posted by Aaron Swartz at Wed Oct 29 2003 22:52

Seth is apparently jealous that Dar Williams posted to Leonard's blog first.

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