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[Comments] (6) State Of The Comment System: OK, back to your regular, non-mysterious stuff. The comment system is coming along quite nicely. Here's the stuff I have to do next time I have free time (probably Thursday, as tonight is dinner and TV night with Sumana).

Stuff you don't care about because it's internal:

Of course, since basically all the comment stuff is in one file, you could hack on it yourself instead of waiting for me.

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Posted by Alyson Matkin at Wed Oct 22 2003 12:12

Just a question--what is a URL?

Posted by Leonard at Wed Oct 22 2003 12:24

Alyson, a URL is a link to a web page. So your URL would be "http://www.crummy.com/alyson/", the location of your home page.

Posted by pedro at Wed Oct 22 2003 12:55

I can't complain, because the "speech bubble" and comment count is exactly the way I would do it (only coded much better, I'm sure), but I would play around with the font size on the (N) where N is the number of comments as it seems to draw attention from the timestamp and title for the main entries on NYCB, which are of course, still the Main Event.

I also don't know how you use CSS (or don't), but I would consider making the (N) a link along with the icon, but probably one with the "not-underlined" style.

Perhaps once the "recent comments" and cookies features are implemented, the speech bubble would have a different color if there were unread comments versus if you had read all the comments (white vs. yellow or something). And for that matter, perhaps instead of the (N) ("I thought you liked the (N)!") the speech bubble icon would have a miniature bang-based histogram for the number of comments. ! up to 10 comments, !! above 10, !!! 30 or more. (A ruptured speech bubble with exclamation points every which way for any post with over 50 comments.)

Those two features (unread comments waiting / relative amount of comment traffic) would serve essentially the same function, but would be less visually obtrusive as the (N) feature, if you feel like you don't like it.

Just thinking out loud.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Oct 22 2003 14:23


Make www.foo.com act like http://www.foo.com in the "Your URL" field

can I sign up to get a daily digest of new comments via email? Possibly in the same email as the bloglet email digest?

Posted by Jarno Virtanen at Wed Oct 22 2003 14:26

God bless the poor soul of the late Thomas Bayes, amen. ;-)

Posted by Brendan at Wed Oct 22 2003 16:01

Suggestion: Can I have a pony?

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