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In A World...: Bizarrely, John gets graded on decibels.

The Parking Lot Is Full (Of Heads): I'm sure you know of the fiberglass dog head, San Francisco's goodwill ambassador and lackluster icon. Well, there's a trailer out in the marina parking lot, on which three of those fiberglass dog heads are lined up. I looked at them on and off all day, thinking they were jet skis or something, but once Brian pointed them out to me it was obvious that they were big fake dog heads wearing chef's hats.

One of them is staring at me. Its fiberglass eyes bore into the back of my neck. Its... ah, who am I kidding. It's not scary. It's a fiberglass dog head. But that night, the fiberglass dog head snuck into Leonard's house and... yeah, how's it going to do that? It has to be dragged around on a trailer! Jabba the Hutt had a wider range of motion! But then, the owner of a San Francisco weenie stand threatened to remove the fiberglass dog head from its perch, and thousands of people got angry! Well, that's a little weird, but still not very scary. Better luck next time, fiberglass dog head scary storyteller.

[Comments] (2) Broken Google Memewatch: "just like grandma used to" -make

Doesn't quite work, but you wish it would.

[Comments] (2) : Tired of reenacting the Civil War, time after time, long after your reenactment buddies have left you for the touring Renaissance Fair? Buy a book from Osprey Publishing and you'll be able to recreate any arbitrary moment in military history, from ancient Assyria to imperial China to the French Foreign Legion. Just add bad food.


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