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[Comments] (3) : Finally finished Quicksilver. In my opinion the ending was interesting enough to dispell the curse of boring Stephenson endings, but since the book jumps all over the place chronologically he might have just picked up an exciting set piece and put it at the end. The stuff leading up to the end was boring in a boring-Stephenson-ending kind of way. What do you think? Curse still intact?

Feel free to talk about Quicksilver in general in the comment section, in fact. My take: it was really good, for a book with no friggin' plot! Can't wait for the next one. May reread Cryptonomicon, in fact, shovelling aside my overflowing shelf of unread books.

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Posted by Rachel at Mon Oct 27 2003 23:13

Completely unrelatedly, did you get my email about my keyboard?

Posted by Tim May at Tue Oct 28 2003 15:14

I don't know that the problem with Stephenson's endings is that they're _boring_, per se, so much as that they fail to satisfactorily resolve the plot. _The Diamond Age_ ends as if he just decided to stop writing (I always thought the the end of _Snow Crash_ was fine, myself, although I've seen complaints about it).

I haven't read _Quicksilver_ yet - did you see John Clute's review in SFW?
(I didn't like _Cryptonomicon_ as much as the rest of the world seems to have done anyway, so maybe I'll wait until the next one comes out.)

Posted by Leonard at Tue Oct 28 2003 16:43

I hadn't read that review, but I'd say it's pretty accurate.

My record will show that I really disliked Snow Crash, but loved Cryptonomicon. I couldn't make it to the end of Snow Crash, so I can't judge, but I felt the ending of Cryptonomicon was like watching someone prove a theorem that I already knew how to prove. Yeah, there's gold there; we knew that.

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