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Author-Specific Ebook Roundup: Three Men In A Boat is funny and sad. Haven't yet read the sequel, Three Men on the Bummel. Gutenberg has >30 works by Jerome K. Jerome, some of which look iffy, but try out Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow.

Mystery Science Theater 1660: "...but it was so sillily writ, that we did nothing but laugh at it[.]"

[Comments] (2) "No Whitespace No Cry": I'm working on an analogy: spam is to steganography what copy protection is to cryptography. I was inspired by The Spammer's Compendium, which lists the tricks spammers use to hide their message in filter-passing plaintext, complete with "what were they thinking" rationale (for instance, adding one long random word won't fool Bayesian filters much, but it will mess up CRC checkers).

[Comments] (10) Comment Test Entry: I'm about to release NewsBruiser 2.1; I just want to make sure that the comment cookie/Javascript thing works.

You Know The Drill And Set: Here you go: NewsBruiser 2.1.0, with real commenting action. This version's nickname is previous Crummy title and all-around piece of good advice "Release Early, Release The Hounds".


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