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powerpoint presentation in wisdom tooth surgery

[Comments] (12) </mystery>: Like the weather, politics is something that everybody complains about but nobody does anything about. I was no different in this regard, until recently, when I was given a chance to make a real difference. You see, I've purchased a share in a prototype weather control machine--no, wait. I've joined Wesley Clark's presidential campaign as a software architect. My goal is to build a large, resilient online community that can change the real world. I leave for Little Rock on Sunday and I come back when the campaign is over.

"That's real great, Leonard, about the future of your country and all," you say. "But what about your weblog?!?!" Well, I'm not going to go on hiatus the way Cam did (Cam is the one who recruited me, BTW), but I'll be too busy to post much. I may reinstate the guest weblog, just to keep you coming back for more. Having a guest weblog on your site for up to a year is a little weird, but I've never been deterred by the slightly weird.

[Comments] (2) Collect Them All: Check out the Wyoming cookie cutter.

Where Were You On The Calends of July?: Anachronism-ridden, embarrassingly amateur attempt to recreate a Roman orgy.


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